About Us

I am Ladybird

A robin by name, but a crane by spirit. I have never seen a crane in its natural environs but have been drawn to them for years – their graceful form, their symbolism in many cultures, and their plight to survive calls to me.

As I begin my search for the perfect cup of tea, I am thinking more and more of this gracefully resilient bird – a symbol of longevity. I am embracing health and longevity myself and want to share my journey of tea with you and others.

Tea and Me

Tea has been a part of my life since I was a young child. My mother often had tea breaks with us during the day. I began with miniature cups filled with black tea and milk and progressed to a special china cup of my own as I grew older. These were comfortable times with shared conversations and indulgences of small cookies or cinnamon toast. Tea was associated with quiet, calming moments as well as very social times when company came and good conversation was shared.

In college, I began offering tea parties to friends for birthdays. As a nurse in the Air Force and then continuing with my many years as a military wife, I added tea parties for bridal and baby showers, and any occasion that called for a setting of comfortable elegance. I continue to do this today.

Now I hope to further share my love of tea with others by offering splendid loose leaf teas and quality herbal blends, as well as, opportunities for tea education. My passion is to bring the world closer together… One Steep at a Time™.

Two Buds and a Leaf

It’s not tea that brought us together
but it’s tea that made our friendship grow
and it’s tea that keeps it freshly brewing

With each cup we settled more and more
into a partnership of calming support
for each other and our dreams

And from this partnership a company began
with a wish to share a cup with others
who might delight in a moment of good Tea

To all of you we say
Steep Well
Embrace Longevity
Find a moment of peace in every sip
And let tea be an integral part of your day