04 Jan Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

It’s been cold and rainy, not snowy, as I would wish, but damp and dreary. My fireplace has been dancing with yellow flames and my teakettle has been steaming more times than not.

Friends come in out of the rain for tea and treats, and bring sunshine with them. The two recliners and sofa in my little parlor are put to good use as they sit and visit whilst I put on the kettle and ask their choice of tea. When the pot is poured and their plates filled with whatever goodies I have on hand, we settle into a warming dose of friendship and good tea.

We talk of our holidays and the traditions we shared with family and friends, of missing those who have returned to their own homes by now, and of the quiet they have left behind. We discuss our resolutions for the new year – some funny and almost impossible to adhere to, others more serious and necessary for peace of mind. I am resolving this year to be healthier and to share a fine cup of tea with as many as possible. I hope to make more new friends with tea and to bring moments of quiet calm into their lives.

Happy New Year to all!  Let us drink a cup of tea together for peace and good health.



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26 Jul Iced Tea Day

It has been hot and muggy, with little rain.  My flowers are drooping and so am I in this heat.  Thank goodness for my ice maker and my many different types of tea.  Most of the time I reach for Mary Ann’s Afternoon tea, make a pot and pour it over ice in a pitcher, to drink throughout the day.  Some days I desire a sweeter, fruiter tea, and then I pause and wonder – am I in a strawberry kiwi mood…, or apricot…, or lemon……….

Today I am sipping on iced Marsala Chai.  It goes perfectly with the chocolate chip, banana scones I made this morning.  I couldn’t let my over ripe bananas go to waste now, could I?  I shaped them into small squares, a perfect size IMG_3072to share!

It’s a sweet and spicy day here in my kitchen, and I am gratefully pausing to refresh and savor the moment.   Why not make yourself a glass of iced tea and join me?

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21 Feb Cold and Sniffles


I just finished a chilly walk with my dog and am now drinking a hot cup of my Blessings, Gratitude and Hugs tea to warm up. Most of the snow has gone, but some drifts remain as evidence of the last storm we had. My teakettle has had a work out the past few days as the sniffle and cough bugs invaded the homestead. I have been pouring multiple cups of Sarah’s Minty Lemon Brew and Gingerly Lemon Organic – the infusions of choice in my house this week.

kleenex_and_teaWhenever I am not feeling well, I always remember my Mom making me a cup of good, strong, black tea flavored with milk and a plate of cinnamon sugared toast when I was a child. Now I have to pour my own cuppa and butter my toast, but somehow I always feel better having done so.

Cheers to all the tea and toast making Moms who help us feel better when we are ill!


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03 Feb February begins….

Under a deep blanket of winter
With winds gusting white with snow
In one hardly distinguishable home
A kettle whistles…
Ah yes, it’s time for tea


January left us with piles of melting snow and February arrived with indecisive temperatures – first warm, then cold again. Today I am decorating my tearoom with pots of miniature pink and white roses and have brought out my red heart decorated teapots. Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with friends coming for an afternoon tea of heart shaped, chocolate cherry scones, individual savory quiches with sides of field green salad, and a variety of truffles for desert. I will be serving my Legendary Lover’s Leap tea.

I really like the story of this tea – the tale of a forbidden love between a young prince of Ceylon and the beautiful maiden his family disapproved of. The loving couple decided to run away together, but was unfortunately pursued by his father’s soldiers. And rather than be separated, they leapt to their deaths from the edge of a mountain.

All love stories are better shared with a warming pot of tea. Start your own legend this Valentine’s day and make sure the ending is a happy one!

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09 Dec Welcome

It’s not tea that brought us together
but it’s tea that made our friendship grow
and it’s tea that keeps it freshly brewing


With each cup we settled more and more
into a partnership of calming support
for each other and our dreams


And from this partnership a company began
with a wish to share a cup with others
who might delight in a moment of good Tea
I’m Robin, owner of Ladybird Tea, LLC and along with my partner in tea, Becky, we welcome you to our blog – Two Buds and a Leaf.  Our aim is to share information and friendship with all of you over a good cup of tea.


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